Headline: The pandemic: An opportunity for transformation?

The response to the coronavirus pandemic has brought about changes that would once have seemed unthinkable. As part of its precautionary measures, the state has been permitted to limit freedoms in order to protect the health of its citizens. The flood of mass tourism has become a trickle and the number of people commuting to work has plummeted. As economies slow, so too do greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, Germany has reached its climate goals for 2020 after all. The pandemic has also seen a surge in solidarity, with citizens helping each other with the shopping, collecting donations for shuttered cinemas and much more. Parliaments have seen bipartisan support for bridging loans, debt moratoriums, and stimulus programmes to keep businesses afloat and support struggling families.

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Rivera, M., Beyerl, K., Follmer, R., & Gruschwitz, D. (2021). The pandemic: An opportunity for transformation? IASS Blog, 25.05.2021.

https://publications.rifs-potsdam.de/rest/items/item_6001010_5/component/file_6… https://www.rifs-potsdam.de/en/blog/2021/05/pandemic-opportunity-transformation
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