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Headline: Brandenburg Sustainability Advisory Council in Dialogue with Youth Forum for Sustainability

Climate action, environmentally-friendly mobility systems and the decarbonisation of the economy are important elements of sustainable development. At its fourth meeting, held on 24 January 2022, the Sustainability Advisory Council of the State of Brandenburg discussed these topics with representatives from the Youth Forum for Sustainability (Jugendforum Nachhaltigkeit).

The Brandenburg Sustainability Advisory Council recently discussed pathways towards sustainable development with youth representatives.
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The discussions took up several statements issued by the Youth Forum on climate action and environmentally-friendly mobility as well as a statement by the Advisory Council on the energy transition. The meeting, which was held online due to the pandemic, also provided an opportunity for youth representatives to discuss their visions for the future with members of the Sustainability Advisory Council.

Prof. Ortwin Renn, Chairman of the Sustainability Advisory Council, commented: “We associate the idea of sustainability with the hope and the will to create and safeguard humane and liveable conditions for people today, but especially for future generations. In keeping with this, the Sustainability Advisory Council is pleased to discuss the concerns, ideas, and expectations of the younger generation in a joint exchange with the Youth Forum for Sustainability."

As a member of the council and representative of the younger generation, Silke Hansen noted: "Exchange is the be-all and end-all. As a board member of Brandenburg Youth Council (Landesjugendring), I believe that young people should be taken seriously as experts on their concerns and that the views of young people should inform all decision-making that will shape the future. I am very pleased that the Youth Forum for Sustainability has been established in Brandenburg and that today’s event has launched cooperation between the Youth Forum and the Sustainability Advisory Council."

Jana Schelte of the Youth Forum for Sustainability said: "In the next few years, it will be important to push ahead with the transformation towards a sustainable society and climate-neutrality in Brandenburg. We can only master this challenge by bringing everyone to the table. With this meeting today, we were able to lay an important foundation for further exchange and cooperation."

The head of the state chancellery, Minister Kathrin Schneider, also provided an update on the state’s sustainable development strategy at the meeting. Advising the state government on this strategy is one of the Advisory Council's main responsibilities. Schneider announced that the cabinet is expected to address a paper covering the key issues in the summer.

The key topic for 2022, “A Resilient Post-Pandemic Recovery" (under the patronage of Professor Uta Steinhardt) was also addressed at the meeting, along with the topic of water (led by Prof. Ottmar Edenhofer), and initial priorities for this areas were established. The first paper will focus on systemic variables influencing land use, while the second paper will address the effects of climate change and other events on extreme water-related events and droughts.

The next meeting of the Sustainability Advisory Council is scheduled for 30 May and will be held on site at the IASS.

This message is based on a press release from the State Chancellery: Nachhaltigkeitsbeirat berät mit „Jugendforum Nachhaltigkeit" | Landesregierung Brandenburg