Gast am 10.12.2020 - 17:26

Yes Dr. Maria Cecilia Oliveira, you are right! The worlds actual climate agenda will not lead to sustainable development in the Amazon. But the fact of centralize solutions to some action for “saving the Amazon” should be accepted as an opportunity. The industrialized world feels its impotency in continued alms for looking after the Amazon region. They well know that its climate depends on the atmospheric humidity originated by the rainforests (Europe clearly depends on the Amazonian humidity!).

The solution is much easier than everybody imagines! – The developed world should solely open its markets for goods and services from the Amazon. Nobody wants to receive alms for nothing. Amazonian people want to work! – The New Bioeconomy is just the right way to deliver merchandise with aggregated value. Thus, we Amazonians have to develop some intelligent biogene products demanded by the rich markets. This means there should be a market assessment and negotiation of a fair price.

My project works with insulation-fleeces (made in Amazonia) from a best appropriated tree for afforestation of degraded floodplain areas. The plantation and extraction processes will be accomplished by the local population by fair remuneration. European markets are disposed to acquire biogene insulation-fleeces and will accept this offer. That would also lead to an effective way for supporting Brazilian’s NDC of 120 mio ha reforestation and enhance resilience, by the recovered floodplain-transpiration all around the year.

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